Session FB29 (Featuring Jenny)
Date of shoot: April 2016

Hello everyone! Once again I have the truly profound pleasure of introducing yet another new bondage model on the site. Please welcome the very lovely and beautiful Jenny! Jenny is super sweet and amazingly flexible - in fact, her elbows go together pretty much like butter, as they say, and she handles strict ropework like a real champ. I'm really excited that she has joined the site, and I trust that you'll definitely enjoy the pics that we're presenting with this update.

The first scene starts out with Jenny sitting comfortably on a chair with lots of rope encircling her arms and torso. Her elbows are tied completely together, once again delivering that all favorite "welded together" look. Her wrists are tied, as well, and her arms are pinned to her body by rope going around her waist. A breast harness is then added for good measure, going above and below her breasts. Jenny is then brought to the floor, adding a crotch rope, and having her ancles and knees tied before adding a hogtie rope completing the tie. In this particular scene she's gagged with a 2.2" white mouth-filling ball gag.

In the next scene Jenny is back on the chair, this time tied posing very nicely with her legs crossed. Once again her elbows are tied together, as are her wrists. She's pinned to the chair by a breast harness which goes above and below her breasts, and is looped around the back of the chair. She's crotch roped with an added twist in that the crotch rope is looped around her wrists, limiting the reach of her hands.

Her knees are tied crossing her legs so that her ancles are tied to the chair's front legs opposite each other, which really accentuates her lovely legs. This time around, Jenny's mouth is stuffed with a wad of cloth which is secured in place with med-wrap.

The last scene features zip ties, with Jenny hogtied on the floor once again. Jenny's arms are zipped completely together by her elbows and wrists and an extra zip tie around the middle of her forearms. Her ancles and knees are then tied and a zip tie is secured between her ancles and wrists completing the hogtie. In this scene Jenny is gagged once again by a wad of cloth, but this time it is secured in place with black vinyl electrical tape, carefully and smoothly layered providing an awesome look.

Throughout the session Jenny is clad in elegant black lace lingerie: bra and g-string with matching suspenders, as well as classic fully fashioned stockings (15 denier, point heel) and black suede 5" stiletto heels.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF22.

Posted: 2016-05-29
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