Session FB27 (Featuring Clara)
Date of shoot: September 2015

Hi everyone! Once again Clara returns for another round of strict bondage, this time - sporting a summer tan - for her fifth bondage session.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with this session, as we once again upped the intensity level a bit. Some of the scenes feature a bit more stricter bondage, and Clara delivers, as always. It was a real pleasure shooting this stuff with her, and we had a lot of fun doing it.

The first scene features a strappado style tie on the chair. Clara's elbows and wrists are tied, the latter being hoisted up on top of the chair's back. A crotch rope is secured, also to the back of the chair, pinning her body in place. Her knees are tied together, and her ancles are tied to each of the chair's front legs. Finally, a rope is added around her neck, pulling her forward, towards her knees, and she's gagged with a white 2" ball gag.

In the next scene, we upped the intensity a bit with a pretzel hogtie on the hard wooden floor. Clara's elbows are crushed together, her wrists tied, as well as her ancles and knees. A tight crotch rope is added, and her wrists are then secured to her ancles. She's gagged with a custom fit 2" harness ball gag, and the hogtie is finished off by a rope going from the D-ring on top of the harness to her ancles pulling her head way backwards. This position is a challenge to anyone, and Clara struggled with it providing some awesome pictures for all of you to enjoy. Clara and I were both very satisfied with the results, and I have to say, that this must be my favorite hogtie I've ever shot with her.

In the first two scenes, Clara is clad in a nice white lace bustier, with a matching white g-string, complemented with luxurious 7 denier tanned stocking, and 5" black velvet stiletto heels (with a D'Orsay cut).

Now, I'm a huge fan of secretary / carreer woman themed bondage, and I've only shot this once before on this site. So this time around, I decided I wanted to have Clara clothed for the rest of the shoot. As timeless business attire, we added a nice black pencil skirt, a light blue shirt, and a black blazer.

Next up, we have a traditional strappado position. Clara is standing, leaning against the wall with her arms hoisted up behind her back by her tied wrists. Her elbows are tied together, of course, as are her knees and ancles. Again, a tight crotch rope is added, pulling up her skirt a bit, and she's gagged with a white 2" ball gag. Standing there for a while, the position takes its toll on Clara, as she balances on her heels shifting her weight from one heel to the other.

The last scene features zip ties, as is customary on this site. I really like zip ties. They're a quick, easy, and at the same time effective form of restraint as far as cramming an extra last scene into the shoot. This time I wanted a bit more from the zip ties, so we did a full hogtie, which looked awesome. And Clara pulled it off with zip ties securing her elbows together, wrists, knees and ancles, and of course the zip tie securing her wrists to her ancles. This time she's gagged with a black 2" ball gag, keeping it in the black theme of the zip ties.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF20.

Posted: 2015-10-17
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