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I'm Will Freeman, and this is my portfolio site featuring all original Bondage and Fetish related art.

My Philosophy

I want to make it clear that the pictures on this site aren't produced to be demeaning towards women in any way, nor to condone any form of violence against women! These pictures are intended to portray women in romantic and sexy predicaments, and are created for and by likewise open-minded individuals. It's a fantasy, a role-play. It's about the classic "Damsel In Distress" theme, as we all know it from movies and television.

This site is created as an inspiration for consenting adults who are curious about the beauty of the bound female.

A Word Of Thanks

Back in the day, when I first spotted the wonderful world of bondage photography on the Internet, I often thought to myself, "I wish I had my own bondage site". Of course, I also knew that this was indeed a far fetched idea, but it was a dream nontheless. Looking back now, I had absolutely no idea that I would end up actually realizing this dream of bondage photography as a hobby.

I'm truly grateful for what I have accomplished, so far! So, it is with sincere humbling respect, and utmost gratitude, that I recognize that none(!) of this would ever have been possible, it if weren't for the strong and open-minded women that I have met on my path to becoming a bondage rigger and photographer. Thank you all so much!

I also want to take a moment to thank the women I know outside of the bondage scene, who indulge in my various fetishes. You know who you are. ;-)

Finally, a huge thanks to all the visitors of this site, who write in to both the models and myself. Remember, the content is free, and your words of encouragement are what keeps it coming!

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All pictures on this site are copyrighted by me. You may download them for private use only. You are NOT allowed to repost any of the pictures anywhere without my express prior consent!

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