Session FB05 (Featuring Jennifer)
Date of shoot: September 2007

I'm a big fan of bondage themes, secretary bondage in particular. It's a theme I've been wanting to feature for some time now, so I'm quite excited about this update! I think there's a certain duality to the secretary bondage theme, with the neatness of the formal look that's subdued by the rope, and all. It's very interesting. Incidentally, themes are a very good example of bondage being art!

Anyway, Jennifer is dressed in sexy black business attire for this session, which really is an amazing look for her! Of course, this is beautifully topped off with tanned stockings and 5" stiletto heels - a little risque for the office, perhaps, but I'm certainly not complaining.

First, Jennifer is tied to a chair in a scene which accentuates her feminine features quite nicely, especially her breasts which are framed wonderfully by the rope. Next, she endures a rather strict hogtie on the floor, which is probably the hardest hogtie she's experienced to date. She is both blindfolded and gagged with a 2" ball gag throughout most of the session.

As you'll no doubt notice we quite thoroughly pushed Jennifer's elbows this time. This was by no means easy for her, of course, even though she is quite flexible, in fact. But we decided to kick it up a notch, and Jennifer was a real trooper about this, so I want to thank her for obliging in getting this much more intense look on camera. Rest asured, this is the look you can expect to see in future sessions.

I'm very pleased with the way this session turned out! I hope you like it, as well? Let us know!

Fetish pictures from this session are available in session FF02.

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