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2016-11-08: Celina's Third Bondage Session (FB30)

Hi all! Celina returns once again for her third bondage session here at Will Freeman's. It's great to have her back again. You'll probably notice that she's been working out a bit since she last joined us. And, if you look very closely, you might actually spot something very different about her appearance, in addition to that.

This is actually my 30th bondage session update for this site, so far. It's really hard to believe that it's been that many at this point. It's hard work, but I feel truly privileged to be able to continue providing this tasteful content for all of you to enjoy. This is a good time to thank you all for your continued support. And a very special thank you to all my models, who made all this possible - I'm truly grateful!

New sessions:

  • Bondage session FB30.
  • Fetish session FF23.


2016-05-29: New Bondage Model: Jenny

Hello everyone! Once again I have the truly profound pleasure of introducing yet another new bondage model on the site. Please welcome the very lovely and beautiful Jenny! Jenny is super sweet and amazingly flexible - in fact, her elbows go together pretty much like butter, as they say, and she handles strict ropework like a real champ. I'm really excited that she has joined the site, and I trust that you'll definitely enjoy the pics that we're presenting with this update.

For those of you keeping score, Jenny is actually the 10th bondage model to be featured on this site.

New sessions:

  • Bondage session FB29.
  • Fetish session FF22.

Enjoy as always,

2016-01-20: Celina's Second Bondage Session (FB28)

Happy New Year, everybody! I'm very happy to announce that for the first update of 2016 we have the very lovely Celina returning for her second bondage session, once again providing a super classy selection of bondage material for all of you to enjoy.

This session was of course shot last year, but as I've been quite busy during the last few months of 2015, I unfortunately didn't get around to do post production, and preparing the update for the site, before closing the year. So this is to kick off the new year, in which I of course plan to continue to provide all of you with more tasteful bondage pictures. At this point, I might add that this site features more than 300 bondage pictures, all still free of course.

And with that, I hope 2016 will be an awesome year for all of you.

New sessions:

  • Bondage session FB28.
  • Fetish session FF21.


2015-10-17: Clara's Fifth Bondage Session (FB27)

Hi everyone! Back sooner than you might have expected, once again. Well, the last couple of months have been really busy, as I'm working hard to churn out more bondage sessions for all of you to enjoy.

This time Clara's back for her fifth bondage session, and sporting a summer tan, she's truly lovely as ever. I'm happy to report that this time around we upped the intensity level of the bondage once again. I really hope you like the presentations.

New sessions (12 pictures from each this time):

  • Bondage session FB27.
  • Fetish session FF20.

By the way, I did some cleanup in the links section. A lot of dead links have been removed.


2015-08-09: New Bondage Model: Celina

Hi all! Back sooner than you had probably expected, right? :-)

Well, as I'm aiming to live up to what I wrote about ramping things up for the rest of the year, I'm very much excited to be able to introduce yet another new bondage model on the site. Her name is Celina, and I'm sure you will join me in giving her a warm welcome.

Celina has actually been intrigued by my work, and was curious about trying out bondage modeling, so she reached out to me. I was quite happy to show her the ropes, of course, and I'm truly pleased to have her aboard.

You'll be happy to know that Celina is quite flexible, and is able to have her elbows touch behind her back. She's even able to work her arms into a reverse prayer position, which I just had to see with her tied in a hogtie. Awesome stuff, for sure!

New sessions:

  • Bondage session FB26.
  • Fetish session FF19.

And now for some arbitrary milestones. The fact that I had actually reached the usual celebratory semi-round number of 25 bondage sessions with the last site update had completely escaped me. I guess I should crack open a bottle of champagne for that? Anyway, with this update, I'm actually passing the 300 mark of the total sum of FREELY available pictures featuring the bound female form for all of you to enjoy.

As always, I hope you enjoy this update. Thanks for all your feedback and support.


2015-07-19: Clara's Fourth Bondage Session (FB25)

Once again, we're back after a long wait. My apologies for the delay. I'm actually aiming to ramp things up for the rest of the year, and plan on bringing extra updates for some of the earlier posted shoots. Stay tuned.

New sessions:

  • Bondage session FB25.
  • Fetish session FF18.

I'm posting extra pictures with this update, like last time.


2014-08-15: Clara's Third Bondage Session (FB24)

Aaand, we're back! I'm terribly sorry for the long wait. The first half of 2014 suddenly swept by without any new session updates. However, believe me, it hasn't been for lack of trying. There's just been so many scheduling conflicts, and things getting in the way.

Anyway, I'm pleased to - finally - be able to present the first new session of 2014! Clara's back for her third bondage session, and she's kicking ass as always.

New sessions are available here:

  • Bondage session FB24.
  • Fetish session FF17.

Because everybody had to wait this long, I'm adding a couple of extra pictures for this update.

I hope you like them,

2014-02-11: FB23 and FF16 Galleries Updated

More pictures from FB23 featuring Amalie's first time in bondage, as well as FF16.

2013-11-28: Bondage Model Amalie Joins The Site

Hello all! Once again I have the profound pleasure of introducing yet another new bondage model on the site. Please welcome the lovely Amalie!

Amalie is actually my 8th model so far, I just realized, which is pretty cool. She's a bondage first timer, so it was a real honor to be able to show her the ropes, and introduce her to the world of bondage modeling.

I'm happy to report that she will be returning again in the future.

The new sessions are available here:

  • Bondage session FB23.
  • Fetish session FF16.

As always, enjoy,

2013-09-04: FB22 and FF15 Galleries Updated

More pictures from FB22 and FF15 featuring Clara.

2013-07-25: Clara's Second Bondage Session (FB22)

Hi everyone! I'm very pleased and, indeed, honered to be able to bring you more bondage pictures of the lovely Clara, as she returns for her second bondage session here at Will Freeman's. I really love working with Clara. She's so sweet and easy going, not to mention hard-working. You can definately expect to see more of her here in the future. :-)

As always, direct links to the new sessions are available here:

  • Bondage session FB22.
  • Fetish session FF15.


2012-04-14: FB21 and FF14 Galleries Updated

More pictures from FB21 and FF14 featuring Clara.

I've also cleanup up the Testimonials page a bit, and adjusted the Model Call page slighty.

2013-03-03: Bondage Model Clara Joins The Site

Yes, you actually read that right! I'm very pleased to once again be able to introduce yet another model on the site - please welcome Clara!

Clara is a wonderfully sweet young lady, who is absolutely gorgeous in bondage, and I'm truly honored that she has joined the site. You'll notice that she's able to have her elbows touch behind her back, for that stunning and intense "welded together" look. We got some serious shots in the can for this session, and Clara worked hard to make it all possible, which I hope you'll appreciate. So do check them out!

The new sessions are available here:

  • Bondage session FB21.
  • Fetish session FF14.


2013-02-04: Bondage Model Sandra Joins The Site

Happy new year everybody, and welcome to the first update of 2013!

It's a great pleasure to once again be able to introduce yet another bondage model on the site. Please welcome Sandra!

This is Sandra's first time modeling for bondage, and let me tell you, she's one tough lady. I put her through some pretty strict ties, and she obliged in a wonderful and outgoing manner. Such a lovely model to work with!

Check out the new sessions here:

  • Bondage session FB20.
  • Fetish session FF13.

By the way, this update of course marks the twentieth bondage session to be posted on the site. I'm quite amazed at this milestone, and once again, I must extend my utmost heartfelt thank you to all the models who I've had the privilege of working with through the years. If it weren't for them, obviously, none of this would be possible.

As always, please enjoy the pictures!

2012-12-16: FB18 and FB19 Galleries Updated

More pictures from FB18 featuring Lily, as well as FB19 featuring Toxi.

Adjusted the Model Call page once again.

2012-11-08: Model Call Page Updated

I've adjusted the Model Call page slighty. Model references are now available upon request.

2012-10-28: Two New Bondage Sessions (FB18 & FB19)

Hello, and welcome back! I am so sorry about the long wait! I realize it's been ages since I've updated the site, however, I've been really busy with real life.

Despite my absence, I have managed to get some new sessions in the can, for all of you to see. Actually, this time you get two session updates for the price of one, as it were. I hope this will make things alright again, and that you'll forgive my recent procrastination. :-)

Latest sessions featuring Toxi:

  • Bondage session FB19.
  • Fetish session FF12.

As well as the latest sessions featuring Lily (returning to the bondage scene):

  • Bondage session FB18.
  • Fetish session FF11.

You'll notice that the new updates feature pictures in a much higher resolution of 1500x1000. I thought it was about time, now that most people actually have bigger monitors and fast internet connections. I've also bumped the JPEG compression quality up a bit, which highlights the features of the rope a bit more clearly.

I hope you like the new updates.


2012-04-14: FB17 Gallery Updated

More pictures from FB17 featuring Toxi (includes close-ups this time). Sorry for being late with the updates recently.

2012-02-19: Toxi's Third Bondage Session (FB17)

Happy New Year everybody! This is the first update of 2012, and also the first new session of said year. Toxi returns for her third bondage session here at Will Freeman's - and much to my delight, because Toxi is such a joy to work with, and I love tying her up.

Check out the new sessions here:

  • Bondage pictures in FB17.
  • Fetish pictures in FF10.

I've also adjusted the Model Call page a bit. Most significantly, as of now, I'm offering models the possibility of shooting private sessions. I've done private sessions with models before, and since I've received a number of requests in recent years, I'm gonna offer my services officially for all open-minded females out there (who are either already into bondage, or maybe curious about trying it out for the first time).

Please check out the Model Call page for more details.

As always, enjoy your stay, and I hope you'll like the new pictures.

2011-12-01: FB16 Gallery Updated

More pictures from FB16 featuring Maria - zip tied and posing pretty this time.

2011-10-16: Maria's Second Bondage Session (FB16)

Welcome back everyone! I'm pleased to announce that Maria has returned for another round of strict bondage at the hands of your's truly!

At the time of this session, it was still summer time, and Maria showed up with a nice tan, revaling that she probably lacks a g-string bottom in her bikini collection. :-)

You can find pictures of Maria's second bondage session in FB16, as well as a couple of fetish pictures of her in FF09.

Once again, sorry for the long wait in updating the site.

2011-08-18: FB15 & FF08 Galleries Updated

More pictures of Maria from sessions FB15 and FF08. Sorry for the delay.

2011-07-03: Bondage Model Maria Joins The Site

Great news, everyone! Once again, it's and honor and a privilege for me to be able to announce that yet another bondage model has joined the site. Please welcome Maria!

Maria is a wonderfully sweet and outgoing young lady, who is very beautiful, and is able to have her elbows touch behind her back.

You can find pictures of Maria's first time in bondage in FB15, as well as fetish pictures of her in FF08.

I'm sorry I missed last month's update - a lot of stuff has been going. Please enjoy this new session!

2011-05-08: FB14 & FF07 Galleries Updated

More pictures from FB14 and FF07.

2011-04-10: Toxi's Second Bondage Session (FB14)

Welcome to the first session of 2011! I'm sorry that I'm a bit late with the update this month, however, I'm bringing you new material, so I trust you'll be quite satisfied. Toxi is back, and we got to shoot both bondage and fetish pictures for you.

Check it out:

  • Bondage pictures in FB14.
  • Fetish pictures in FF07.

As always, enjoy!

2011-03-04: FB13 Gallery Updated

More pictures - yet again - from FB13. This update includes some of my favorite shots of Toxi, combining both rope detail as well as her expressions.

2011-02-06: FB13 & FF06 Galleries Updated

More pictures from FB13 and FF06 (including close-ups) featuring the lovely Toxi. Enjoy!

2011-01-22: Site Revamped

Hi there, and happy New Year! I think it's safe to say that the site has undergone a complete transformation, in hoping that my visitors will get a much more pleasing browsing experience.

The site has actually been long overdue for this ovehaul, and I'm very pleased with the new design. It's certainly a lot more spiffy, but more importantly I think, it puts more emphasis on the site as a portfolio, thus the pictures (as well as the models) are more prominently displayed. This, compared to the detailed descriptions of each session, which will still be available, but discretely hidden behind a summary.

A lot of work has been put into the new look, and I really hope you like it! Feedback would be much appreciated, especially if you experience problems with the new site.

Some tweaks here and there will be done during the next couple of weeks.

And the site is still free - of course!

Will Freeman

2010-12-27: Bondage Model Toxi Joins The Site

Hi all! As you may recall, in the last update I mentioned I had a suprise, which I hoped to unveil soon? Well, here it is! I'm very excited and honored to welcome yet another bondage model to the site: Toxi!

Toxi is very petite and beautiful, and quite a tough lady as well. A teriffic bondage model, in fact! I really hope you'll like her.

You'll find bondage pictures of Toxi in FB13, as well as fetish pictures of her in FF06.

2010-11-18: FB08 Gallery Updated

More pictures from FB08 in the Bondage Gallery (close-ups of Lily).

My sincere apologies for the long absence. I've been really busy with a lot of stuff these past few months. But, don't despair, as I have a small surprise in store for all of you, which I hope to unveil before the end of the year.


2010-08-07: FB10 Gallery Updated

More pictures from FB10 in the Bondage Gallery (including some nice perspective shots of Caroline).

Sorry for the late update this time. Enjoy!

2010-07-03: FB11 Gallery Updated

More pictures from FB11 in the Bondage Gallery. Mostly close-ups this time, inluding one very pretty picture of Lily gagged. Enjoy!

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