Session FB10 (Featuring Caroline)
Date of shoot: September 2009

Hello all! It seems like it was just yesterday when Caroline joined the site, and already she's back for more! And what an honor it is to feature Caroline for her second time in bondage here at Will Freeman's.

Caroline is still learning the ropes, but there's no mistaking the beauty and elegance which shines through in the pictures. Like a beautiful butterfly caught in a lucky spider's web, it's the true hallmark of glamour bondage photography. Really, she delivers what any self-respecting bondage connoisseur recognizes as the real deal.

To start out, Caroline is sitting on the floor with her hands tied behind her back, wearing a breast harness. Leaving her legs untied, she gracefully poses for the camera. Next, she's put into a half hogtie, of sorts, with one ancle tied to her wrists, and a knee tied to her neck. Legs now spread, her crotch rope is revealed.

In the last scene, Caroline is put into a hogtie with her arms secured behind her in a Japanese inspired box tie. Caroline is gagged throughout the session with a 1.75" ball gag, and she's also wearing a blindfold.

For this session, Caroline is clad in a very sexy black bustier with matching g-string, displaying quite exquisite pink floral decor. To properly complement this look we chose black classic fully fashioned stockings. At this point, of course, black opera gloves and black velvet 5" inch stiletto heels where pretty much a no brainer.

Once again, we managed to do a couple of fetish pictures as well. They can be found in session FF04.

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