Session FB26 (Featuring Celina)
Date of shoot: July 2015

Hi everyone! It is with great excitement that I once again am able to introduce yet another new bondage model on the site. This time, please welcome Celina!

Celina has been intrigued by my work, and was curious about trying out bondage modeling, so she reached out to me. I was quite happy to show her the ropes, of course, and I'm truly pleased to have her aboard.

Celina is a very sweet young lady. She's tall and slender, which makes her quite flexible, enabling her to have her elbows touch behind her back. In fact, she's even able to work her arms into a reverse prayer position, which is awesome. Thus, she's able to handle some pretty strict ropework, and I made sure to push her a bit. She obliged me in this regard, and I'm happy to report that Celina delivers - she's a real trooper model.

The first scene is an introductory tie with Celina straddling a chair. Her wrists are tied behind her back, and her elbows are crushed together for that "welded together" look, which everyone loves so much (including myself). Rope is looped above and below her breasts, secured to her elbow rope, and pinning her torso to the back of the chair. Her ancles are tied all the way back to the chair's rear legs, and a crotch rope is added, which is secured to her wrists. Finally, she's gagged with a white ball gag.

A little note on the ball gags, which I know you ball gag fans will appreciate (and I count myself among you, of course). The 2" ball gags I've been using for many years now are actually really around 52.5mm in diameter (which is more like 2.07"). I always go for the largest mouth-filling look, and as it turns out, Celina could actually handle a size larger than most girls. She's therefore gagged with a ball that's around 56mm in diameter (corresponding to around 2.2"). And I must say, she wears it very well.

The next scene is a classic hogtie. Celina has her wrists tied behind her back, with her elbows touching once again, and shoulder ropes added this time. Knees and ancles are tied as well, and she's crotch roped. Her heels are secured to her feet with extra rope, which is used as an anchor point for the actual hogtie rope itself, which is then attached to her wrists.

Next up we did a variation on the previous hogtie, this time with Celinas arms secured in a reverse prayer position. Her wrists are tied together right between her shoulder blades, and rope is added around her upper arms going above and below her breasts, locking her arms in place.

For a bit a variety, we did a simple zip tie scene next. Using larger and a bit more secure zip ties this time, Celina is tied with her hands behind her back, and her ancles and knees tied, as well. To finish off, Celina is gagged with a huge wad of cloth, secured in place with med-wrap.

The last scene features a strappado tie. Celina's elbows are tied behind her back, touching, and she's hoisted up by her wrists. Her ancles and knees are tied as well, and a short rope secured from her neck to her knees forces her to bend over while balancing in her 5" stiletto heels. We'll save these pictures for a later update.

Throughout the session, Celina is clad in a stylish black bra and g-string with lace detail, complemented with black 12 denier hold-up stockings and 5" black velvet D'Orsay cut stiletto heels.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF19.

Posted: 2015-08-09
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