Session FB23 (Featuring Amalie)
Date of shoot: September 2013

Hello all! Once again I have the profound pleasure of introducing yet another new bondage model on the site. Please welcome the lovely Amalie!

Amalie is actually my 8th model so far, I just realized, which is pretty cool. She's a bondage first timer, so it was a real honor to be able to show her the ropes, and introduce her to the world of bondage modeling. And I'm happy to report that she will be returning again in the future.

The first scene is an introductory hogtie on the floor for Amalie. Her wrists and elbows are tied behind her back, her ancles and knees are tied, and she's crotch roped, as well. We also did a variation on this hogtie with her arms crossed behind her back, having her elbows secured together and attached to the rope around her wrists (a sort of semi-box tie).

The next scene is a chair tie, where Amailie has her elbows tied together behind her back and secured to the top of the chair's back, while her wrists are tied to the sides of the chair. Her ancles are tied to the legs of the char in a diagonal fashion - one front leg, and one back. Once again, she's crotch roped.

The last scene is a standard zip tie feature, where Amalie has her wrists and ancles tied. Double-zipped, of course, just to be sure.

In each scene, Amalie is gagged with a 2" ball gag. That one was actually quite a challenge for her, as it barely fit her. But she managed to have it strapped in tightly.

Amalie is clad throughout the session in black lingerie: simple classy bra with a matching g-string and 12 denier hold-up stockings. Her feet are adorned by red soled 6" black patent stiletto heels with ancle straps (made in Italy). And finally she's wearing gloves to complement the outfit.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF16.

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