Session FB25 (Featuring Clara)
Date of shoot: June 2015

Hi all! Clara's back once again, this time for her fourth bondage session, here at Will Freeman's. This time around we're mixing things up a bit, providing some material which you might consider a bit more on the predicament side of the scale. Fun stuff, and a little harder for Clara to endure.

In the first scene Clara is tied on her knees leaning backwards over a chair. Her elbows are pinned together behind her back, her wrists tied in front, and her ancles are tied to each side of the chair spreading her legs. She's gagged with a new custom fit 2" harness ball gag, of which the top D-ring is fastened to the top of the chair's back, pulling her head backwards. The position is finished off with a crotch rope and a little twist, as the crotch rope is pulled up tightly in front, and fastened to the wall.

The next scene features another chair tie, this time with a foldable chair. It's a rather simple, yet challenging tie to endure. Clara is standing right behind the chair, with her ancles and knees tied. She's bending forward, exposing her crotch rope, with her arms going through the opening in the chair, and her wrists tied together right behind her knees, locking her in place in a standing position. I initially wanted to execute this position using zip ties, to make sure Clara couldn't get free, however, she preferred the look of the ropes for this. So I made sure to put the knots on the wrist and knee cinched in front of her, so she couln't really reach them. It's a tough balancing act, and Clara surely felt her legs locking up while trying to shift her weight from one heel to the other.

Mixing things up a bit, we did a standard hogtie next with Clara lying on a couch stool. Her elbows and wrists are tied together, and of course her ancles and knees, as well. She's crotch roped, and her heels are tied to her ancle ropes, as to prevent her from kicking off her heels.

The last scene features something new - duct tape! Clara is taped to the chair, elbows and wrists together, with and her torso pinned to the chair's back. Her knees and ancles are taped up as well, with her ancles pinned to one of the chair's legs.

Except for the first scene with the custom fit harness ball gag, Clara is gagged with a white standard 2" ball gag throughout the shoot. She's wearing a black lace bustier with matching g-string, as well as high quality 7 denier stockings, and black 5" stiletto heels.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF18.

Posted: 2015-07-19
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