Session FB03 (Featuring Jennifer)
Date of shoot: August 2005

Jennifer graces the bondage galleries once again, this time for her third bondage session!

She gets a break this time as she's tied a bit less strictly, in hoping she'd be able to pose more for the camera. The results are some fantastic shots, in particular during her struggling on the floor! To start off, though, she's tied to a chair with her arms pulled up behind her - strappado style - followed by a reverse straddling position. She's wearing a knotted crotch rope this time, and she's also sporting a brand new red 1.75" ball gag.

Jennifer is dressed in a sexy summer outfit showing off her legs in beautiful tanned stockings. At some points during the session her top and skirt are pulled away to reveal her elegant white lingerie underneath.

More great pictures from this set to come ... stay tuned!

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