Session FB22 (Featuring Clara)
Date of shoot: June 2013

Hi all! I'm very pleased to announce that Clara has returned for a second round of strict bondage here at Will Freeman's. And let me tell you, Clara is wonderful! After having introduced her to my particular style of hard bondage, she's fast becoming quite the dedicated fan. Which is lovely, because the hard bondage style really suits her in my humble opinion. She's both able to willing to take a lot, and you gotta love that in a bondage model.

In the first scene, Clara is lying on the floor with her arms locked in an improvised box tie, secured effectively by pulling her elbows towards each other while keeping her hands away from any knots. All cinched up it looks really neat! Her legs are frogtied, with rope looped around her stiletto heels pinning them in place. And she's also crotch roped, of course.

In the next scene, to start out, Clara is made to pose across the couch stool, allowing for quite an extrodinary shot of her from behind showing a perfectly placed crotch rope. Her ancles and knees are tied, as are her wrists, and her elbows are pulled together, and secured with rope going around her shoulders. To finish off, she's hogtied on top of the couch stool.

In the final scene, we executed yet another hogtie - in the same style as the previous scene - however, this time on the hard wooden floor, where Clara is made to struggle, while looking absolutely stunning. We got a lot of close-ups in this particular scene.

In each scene, Clara is gagged with a 2" ball gag. Still way to big a gag for a girl of her petite stature, but she can take it, and she looks great at the same time. Truly amazing!

Throughout the session, Clara is clad in an exquisite black bustier with suspenders and matching lace g-string. Black 7 denier stockings adorn her beautiful legs, complemented by black velvet 5.25" stiletto heels (featuring a classic D'Orsay cut, and ancle straps). To top it all off, Clara's wearing black fingerless opera-length gloves, which properly present her fantastic french manicured nails.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF15.

Posted: 2013-09-04
Posted: 2013-07-25
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