Session FB04 (Featuring Jennifer)
Date of shoot: December 2006

Another year has passed, as Jennifer returns for her 4th bondage session here at Will Freeman's! Time sure does go by rather quickly.

First, Jennifer has her arms and elbows tied behind her back, in her first strappado position. She's gagged with a 2" muzzle gag, and her head is pulled back by a rope attached to the gag's harness ring.

Next, Jennifer is on the floor, legs frogtied, arms tied behind her back, held up by a shoulder harness, finished off with an attached crotchrope. Her mouth is packed with a wad of cloth held in place by black med-wrap (quite effective)!

Lastly, Jennifer is pinned against the wall, hands tied above her head, standing on one leg, the other hoisted by the knee. She's gagged with a 2" chin-strap ball gag.

As for the clothing, we decided to go with a red/black theme this time. Jennifer is laced into a red 4 suspender corset throughout the session, complemented with black satin opera gloves, exquisite 7 denier tanned stockings, and finally 5" black patent stiletto heels with criss-cross ancle straps. The corset was an "over the bust" type (ie. no cups), which in retrospect turned out to be a bit of a challenge for us, as Jennifer's breasts had somewhat of a tendency to spill over the top of the corset. But we managed!

The pictures are a bit darker than in prior sessions, however the bondage speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy, anyway!

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