Session FB19 (Featuring Toxi)
Date of shoot: October 2012

Toxi returns once again, and boy, what an honor it is to tie such a lovely and beautiful lady. Toxi's the real deal, as she into it, and is willing to take whatever you throw at her. Such a pleasure to work with, really! Toxi has had a change of hair color once again. This time she returns as a redhead, and what a wonderful shade of red it is.

To start out the session, Toxi is put into a tight hogtie with lots of rope encircling her elbows and torso above and below the breasts. A standard 1.75" ball gag completes the picture. In the next scene, Toxi is tied on the chair with her arms pulled up behind her - strappado style - with her wrists secured to the top of the chair's back. This time she's wearing a 1.75" harness ball gag.

The last scene was a bit different, and interesting in itself. After a change of wardrobe, I tied Toxi with zip ties, and gagged her with a large cloth sealed in tight with med-wrap. I decided to throw some extra clothing on the floor beside her: a skirt, a top and a jacket. I thought this gave the pictures sort of a "business woman burglarized" scenario type look, which I hope you will enjoy.

During the first two scenes, Toxi is clad in black lingerie: a black bustier, g-string, not forgetting the classic fully fashioned stockings. No gloves this time, as I wanted the look of rope on Toxi's bare skin. In the last scene, she's wearing a zebra print bra and matching g-string, as well as black hold-up stockings. Toxi is wearing some stunning full 6" black patent stiletto heels with ancle straps during the first scene. However, as it turns out, she's unable to actually walk in them at this time, so we switched to some very elegant 4.5" black suede heels instead for the rest of the session.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF12.

Posted: 2012-12-16
Posted: 2012-10-28
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