Session FB06 (Featuring Lily)
Date of shoot: April 2008

Hi everyone! Great news! This update marks yet another milestone in the history of this site. As you can see, I have the honor of introducing a new bondage model here at Will Freeman's - so please give a warm and friendly welcome to the young and very attractive Lily!

I'm quite pleased with Lily's natural way of working with the camera. As you may have noticed already, Lily is the first actual face (i.e. no blindfold) that is featured on the site, which gives another dimension to the pictures. Something I've been looking forward to bringing, actually. And her expression is indeed lovely! When gagged she manages to display both innocense, anticipation and frustration, which you'll get to see eventually, as the pictures are posted. I'm sure you'll agree that the ball gag frames her pretty face beautifully. Without a gag, she displays a sexy and playful look with a smile that is definately contagious. I also wanna mention the makeup, of which Lily did a bang up job, and I'm very pleased that I get to feature without a blindfold.

For her first time here at Will Freeman's, Lily is clad in lingerie throughout the session. In the first scene she features a black satin bra, g-string and suspenders together with classic fully fashioned stockings and matching 5" velvet stiletto heels, and - last but not least - black satin opera gloves. She's tied to a chair, both in the standard fashion, as well as an over the seat hogtie on her back. She's gagged with a black 2" chin strap ball gag.

The second scene is an all baby pink theme: bra and g-string with matching 5" patent stiletto heels, and of course opera gloves - again. One notable detail about this scene is Lily's hair. The pigtails, together with the pink color, contrasts the otherwise typical atmosphere of a bondage scene, and adds to it an undeniably innocent element. Quite the damsel in distress, actually. Lily is put into a modified hogtie that has her ancles tied to her elbow ropes, as well as the D-ring attached to her 2" harness ball gag (pretzel style). By the way, I've had requests for barefoot pictures a couple of times, so I decided to add that to the mix.

Lily is no stranger to bondage, but has been away from the scene for a little while. I'm very honored that she has joined the site, and I'll make certain that - in future sessions - she's put through her paces in her continued bondage model training. ;-)

It was quite difficult to choose among the pictures in this session. Should I post pictures from both scenes, or just one? And which one at that? I finally decided to go with the pink themed scene for the first post, so I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for the next update to see the black themed scene. For now you'll get the preview profile shot on the main page, and the preview thumbnails above.

Posted: 2008-06-01
Posted: 2008-04-28
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