Session FB07 (Featuring Lily)
Date of shoot: August 2008

Lily returns for her second bondage session, continuing her bondage training at the hands of your's truly. I wanted to get as much rope on Lily as I could this time, so I went a bit easier on her arms (i.e. no elbow crushing), so as to allow her to endure the positions for a bit longer - and she did! I hope you like the result?

Lily is dressed in all white lingerie this time. Bra, g-string and suspenders together with tanned 7 denier stockings, and white patent 5" stiletto heels. Of course one can't resist the beauty of the complementing white satin opera gloves. Once again, the blindfold is dropped and Lily delivers some wonderful expressions of her experience being tied.

The first position features Lily in a pretty tight modified hogtie, starting out with a japanese inspired box tie securing her wrists behind her back, and framing her breasts nicely in rope.

Also, she wears a knotted crotchrope and she is gagged with a 2" ball gag for good measure. Lily looks great while wearing a gag, actually, and the 2" ball is quite mouth-filling for a female of her petite stature. At the point where Lily is actually hogtied, her heels are trapped in place by the rope which puts excellent emphasis on her legs and heels.

In the second position Lily is tied to a chair, with her arms secured to the chair back, and again her breasts framed in rope. This position also really shows off her legs and heels.

Once again, I hope you'll enjoy this session. Please send any feedback in the usual manner.

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