Session FB12 (Featuring Caroline)
Date of shoot: March 2010

Hi all! Welcome to the first new session of 2010. I'm very pleased to welcome the lovely Caroline back for her third bondage session here at Will Freeman's.

Caroline is dressed in all white for this session: a beautiful "over the bust" corset, matching g-string, together with classic fully fashioned stockings (point heel) and 5" patent stiletto heels (metal spiked). Finishing off this outfit is a pair of opera length gauntlet-style gloves which properly reveals Caroline's french manicured long nails.

There are two scenes in this session for you to feast your eyes upon. The first one features a classic hogtie, executed in a strict and proper manner, having Caroline's wrists and elbows tied tighlty with her ancles pulled close to her wrists. She's gagged with a 1.75" harness ball gag with a rope attached to it, pulling her head back towards her heels (by her own request, I might add!).

In the next scene, Caroline is tied standing. Loosely tethered by her neck, she is able to move about on her stiletto heels, but unable to sit as the rope from the ceiling is too short. Her ancles are hobbled by a short rope, and her wrists are secured behind her back attached to the end of her crotch rope.

This time Caroline's mouth is packed with a wad of cloth secured in place by white med-wrap - a very effective type of gag, which looks rather intense. At the end of the scene, the rope from the ceiling is lengthened allowing her to rest on the floor. Pictures from this scene will be posted in the next update, so stay tuned for these.

I thoroughly pushed Caroline this time, and I must say she handled it beautifully. In the beginning of the first scene I had her struggle against the ropes for a good amount of time, which wore her down a bit. It was at that point that I hogtied her, leaving her tired and helpless on the hard floor while I got the shots in the can. Add to that, the fact that she without trouble or hesitation managed to fit a huge wad of cloth in her mouth for the med-wrap gag, proves that she's fast becoming a pro. A real trooper bondage model, of which I'm honored to have the pleasure of tying up once again.

Fetish pictures from this session are also available in the session FF05.

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