Session FB13 (Featuring Toxi)
Date of shoot: October 2010

Hello all! Once again, I have the profound pleasure of introducing yet another new model on the site. Please welcome Toxi!

Toxi actually has prior experience with bondage, and working with her was a great honor, as well as a lot of fun. I'm very excited about the fact that she's willing to show her face - for all of you to see - as her expressions are truly magnificent, and add a whole lot to the pictures. While quite petite, Toxi's wonderfully busty. She's also very flexible and most of all one tough lady! You can definitely expect to see more of her here on the site in the future.

To start out, Toxi gets the strict treatment, as she's tightly hogtied on the floor, leaving her helpless and unable to move. Lots of rope circle her elbows, while also making up a breast harness, which frames her bust beautifully as it collides with the hard floor. The hogtie rope is pulled taut from a loop around her ancle ropes, going through her wrist cinch, and fastened to her elbow ropes, leaving no knots for her to reach. In the next scene, Toxi is tied to a chair with her cinched elbows secured to the chair's back, while her wrists are secured to her crotch rope. For the first two scenes Toxi is gagged with a 1.75" ball gag.

In the last scene, Toxi is tied on the floor again, this time in a modified hogtie. A bit less strict, as her arms are secured behind her with her wrists cross-tied. Her ancles are pulled up behind her in a manner that traps her heels to her petite size 6 feet. This time around, Toxi's mouth is packed with a wad of cloth secured in place by med-wrap. Pictures from the last scene will be posted in the next update.

Toxi is dressed in black lingerie with white lace trim and ribbon detail: bra, g-string, and suspenders, as always. Her beautiful legs are clad in black classic fully fashioned stockings, finished off with black velvet 5" stiletto heels. In the first scene, Toxi also wears a classic black mini dress.

Clothed fetish pictures were also shot during this session. As always, these can be found in the corresponding fetish session FF06.

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