Session FB21 (Featuring Clara)
Date of shoot: February 2013

Hi everyone! I'm very excited, as I once again have the utmost pleasure of introducing yet another new model on the site. Please welcome Clara! I'm quite pleased that Clara decided to jump on board, and become a bondage model for my site. She's a stunning young lady, and looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in bondage.

Clara is very flexible, and is able to have her elbows touch behind her back for that intense "welded together" look. Amazingly, she's even able to take a mouth-filling 2" ball gag, which looks awesome for her petite stature. As you'll notice, she's willing to show her face, as well, which makes me very happy, as I love to capture the expression in the eyes of the model, while she's tied - and in this department, Clara certainly delivers!

Clara is a serious and dedicated model, and she's very outgoing, funny, and easy to work with. It truly is an honor for me to get to tie her up for you all to see.

To start out, Clara is hogtied and left to struggle on the hard wooden floor. Her elbows are fused together behind her back, with rope added around her shoulders to make sure it all stays in place. Her wrists are also tied, and a rope is looped around her waist pinning her arms to her body. She's crotchroped, and her ancles and knees are roped together, as well, of course. I decided to use the hogtie rope to tie her heels to her feet before looping it through her wrists and tying it off at her elbows, leaving Clara with absolutely no chance of escaping, and only a little possibility moving around. As you can tell from the pictures, this was quite an intense and strict position featuring some damn tight ropework, which certainly pushed Clara!

I couldn't get enough of the "hogtied and elbows together" look, so in the next scene I actually subjected Clara to another hogtie round. This time with a little less rope restricting her, enabling her to move about a bit more, for some really nice shots of her lying on her side. I love the way her long dark hair flows along the floor in these.

In the third scene, Clara is tied sitting pretty on the chair. Her elbows are fused completely together once again, and her upper body is pinned to the top of the chair's back, making her stay in place. Her ancles and knees are tied, as well as her wrists. Finally, a rope is looped down from her wrists to her ancles further imobilizing her.

The last scene is dedicated to zip ties, which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anybody, at this point. Pictures from this scene will be posted in later updates.

Clara is gagged with a 2" ball gag in each scene. And she wears it beautifully, I might add!

Throughout the session, Clara is clad in a very nice zebra print bra and matching g-string. This look is complemented with black hold-up stockings and black velvet 5" stiletto heels. The last scene also features fingerless opera-length gloves as well as elegant black suede 4.5" stiletto heels.

Fetish pictures were also shot during this session. You can check these out by visiting the fetish section of the site: FF14.

Posted: 2013-04-14
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